Glow Stick Costume (Womens-Medium-Red)

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Quick Overview

  • Premium USglow Laboratories brand product.
  • Customize your costume to make it anything you can imagine.
  • Includes patent pending safety pin glow stick connectors.
  • Available in mixed, green, blue, white, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow.


  • Premium Black Hooded Polyester Jumpsuit
  • 50 Patent Pending Glow Stick Safety Pin Connectors
  • 50 8" glow stick sections in primary color (selected above)
  • 50 8" glow stick sections in a 10 color mix
  • 50 Premium Bracelet Connectors
  • 5 Triple Bracelet Connectors
  • Glow Ball/Flower Kit
  • Glow Glasses Kit


USglow Laboratories Premium Glow Stick Costume Kit: Simply put it's one of the most fun, creative, and safe costumes for you or your child. USglow Laboratories never settles for just good enough, and their glow costumes are no exception. They offer the only complete and truly customizable glow costume on the market today. Where most costumes have sewn in connectors that limit your costume to a predetermined design, USglow Laboratories glow costumes include patent pending safety-pin connectors that allow you to place the glow sticks anywhere on the costume, allowing for limitless design possibilities. From creating classic forms such as a glow stick man, to more complicated designs such as a glow pirate, glow robot, glow princess, and literally hundreds of more possibilities. As an added benefit the glowing of this costume will also help keep you or your child more visible and safer on Halloween night (please always attach the glow sticks to both the front and the back of the jumpsuit). When you purchase a USglow Laboratories glow costume the only limit will be your imagination.

Fully customizable costume allowing you to create any design you can imagine. Patent pending safety pin connectors included, along with free bonus connectors (Glow Glasses, Triple Bracelet, Glow Ball/Flower). Reusable, simply replace 8" glow stick sections and use the costume again and again. Premium quality, design, and materials. Designed and tested in the United States, manufactured to the highest specifications overseas, including independent Swiss quality control testing. Included glow products are Factory fresh, with Date of Manufacture and Best by Date on the label, assuring you receive only the freshest glow products available. Backed by our best in the industry 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and the only Zero Dud Guarantee in the industry. Included glow products are Safe, non-toxic, non-heat generating, non-flammable, non-radioactive, certified phthalate free, and washed clean of chemicals.
Limitless design possibilities, basic glow stick man construction instructions provided.

High quality black hooded polyester jumpsuit.

Patent pending safety pin glow stick connectors.

Long Glow Duration (4-6 hour peak brightness, can continue to emit light for 24+ hours). Glow sticks can be easily replaced for extending the duration or use on multiple nights.

10 vivid colors to choose from, including green, blue, white, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, bi-colored blue/green, bi-colored blue/red.

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