Triathlon and Marathon

Early Morning and Evening Visibility

If you’re organizing a triathlon or marathon that might start in the early morning hours, or even going past sunset, glow products can be a great safety item. As these events are often held on streets that might still have traffic, visibility is essential. Simply adding our extremely cost effective bracelets to competitors adds an extra margin of safety.

Raffles and Entertainment
Of course part of the fun of these events are the activities after them, such as raffles and spectator activities. Help make these evening events more fun with the addition of glow sticks as items to give out to people, or for use in the raffle. Our 22” glow necklaces and 8” glow bracelets are loved by runners and cyclists who busy schedules often mean they are training after dark or before sunrise, and want that extra layer of visibility and safety.

Class and Course Markers
If you have multiple classes of athletes and want a high visible way to identify them in low light conditions, you can simply have them wear different colored glow bracelets, or attach them to their bikes or number plates. Additionally if you expect some of the participants might not finish before evening, mark parts of the course and special feed zones with glow products.