Swimming and Diving Games

Being waterproof makes glow products one of the most fun pool items available for any evening of swimming. Simply toss some glow sticks into the pool to have races to recover them, or have diving games with the participants diving down to retrieve the fun colored glow sticks. You can even take our 22” glow necklaces and connect many of them together to form large hoops that people and swim and dive through.

Make the pool and poolside aglow in the fun different colors of the glow products. Simply decorate any of the surrounding items, from chairs to tables, and even the edge of the pool and ladders. As a particularly fun idea toss some glow sticks into a hot tub and watch how the warm water makes the brightness of the glow really increase!

The fun doesn’t have to be limited to the pool and hot tub however, our new line of cost Glow Cups are the perfect addition to complete the fun of the swim party. With these glow cups your favorite beverages will be lit up in any of your favorite glow colors.