Summer Camp

A great safety item for any overnight summer camp. Give each child some glow products in the evening that they will have a lot of fun with, but more importantly will also help keep them safe. For example if they have to go use the restroom at night, require that they keep the glow products with them. Should they end up getting lost this extra visibility can be essential in locating them.

Cost Effective Fun
It’s no secret that kids universally love glow products. Simply activate some glow products and watch their eye’s light up along with the glow. But some of the real magic of glow products is simply how cheaply they can be purchased compared to how much fun the kids will get out of them. You’re unlikely to find any item for as cheap as $0.10 each that will be so much fun and remembered by the kids!

There are many fun games that can be played with glow products at summer camp. From twists on classic games such as horseshoes (setup a glow stick as the stake, and throw 22” glow necklaces instead of the horseshoes) or scavenger hunts (hide glow sticks around the camping area, then wait until night to search for them), to unique glow games like ring toss (create a large hoop out of 22” glow necklaces, and try to throw glow sticks or 8” bracelets in rings through the hoop).