Marching Band & Drill Routines

Incredible Light Show
Whether you’re a marching band or drill routine doing an evening event, glow products can turn in into a spectacular light shows. Simply attach glow products to all the members (such as our 22” glow necklaces and 8” glow bracelets), and all the precision movements will be accompanied by a dazzling light show. Additionally if you’re part of an evening parade throw out glow products to the crowd and it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


If you need to raise funds for your band or drill routine team glow products can be a great way to go. Take the glow products to any of your evening events and people will be sure to want to purchase some, especially with the proceeds going to your cause. The great profit margin of glow products means in a single evenings event you can earn what it could take weeks with other fundraising methods.