When you go out hiking you never expect to be caught out on the trail after sunset, but this unfortunate reality can happen, either because of injury or simply underestimating the time needed to get back to the car. Glow sticks however can add some piece of mind should you find yourself out past daylight. Simply include a few sticks in your emergency kit, and you’ll have some light should you need it, and most importantly help keep yourself visible should rescue be needed. Once activated they glow stick will glow throughout the night.

Occasionally people go out for evening or night time hikes, and glow products are an essential item to not only help reduce some of the inherit risks, but also have some extra fun. With everyone in your group wearing glow necklaces or glow sticks, it becomes much easier to keep track of everyone and to assure no one gets lost. But they are also just plain fun to have around and add to the atmosphere of an evening or night hike.