Cost Effective Decorations

It can be hard to decorate something like a gymnasium or other venue and make it into a fun environment for a dance, but glow products can easily do this without going over budget. From decorating the punch bowl by floating some glow sticks in it, or our cost effective Glow Cups, to even the chairs, tables, and dance floor, any aspect of the dance venue can be given some glow.

Dance Fundraising
Need to help raise funds to cover the cost of the dance? Glow products at dances are the perfect opportunity. Once the attendees see the glow products they are sure to want some to wear themselves, combine this with the low purchase price as little as $0.10 or less, and sell them for $1-$3, and the needed funds can quickly be raised.

Add a Visual Light Show to the Dance Floor

A cheap and fun way to add some extra visual flare and compliment the music is to hand out glow products to the participants. Not only does this help to get them out on the dance floor, but once they are out there the visual affect for the dancers and the onlookers will be amazing. Glow products are extremely popular and dances and raves, for good reason.