Dazzling Light Show Routines

During any evening cheerleading routine simply dim the lights, have all the cheerleaders wearing and holding glow products, then prepare to be amazed by the light show. Glow products can make any routine look absolutely incredible.

Showing Team Pride
As an added benefit of glow products you can hand them out to spectators to show support for your team, especially if you get them in your team colors. It’s a great thing to see your team colors glowing out in the stands, or waving in the air when your team scores.

Either for your cheerleading group or the team you are supporting, glow products are an excellent fundraising tool, especially at sporting events. With the cheerleaders using glow products in their routine every kid (and most adults) will want some of their own as well. Either have some people out in the crowd selling them, or setup a booth. Either way they can be purchase extremely cheaply (often as little as $0.07 each), and be sold for $1-$3 each. With a profit margin that large it takes very little time to raise the needed funds.