Camping and Backpacking


Quickly becoming as popular as campfires and smores, nothing makes for a fun evening of camping like glow products. Kids and adults alike will have a great time playing around the campfire with any of our wide assortment of glow products, from traditional 6” glow sticks to 8” glow bracelets and 22” glow necklaces.

There are many fun camping games that can be played with glow products. From twists on classic games such as horseshoes (setup a glow stick as the stake, and throw 22” glow necklaces instead of the horseshoes) or scavenger hunts (hide glow sticks around the camp site, then wait until night to search for them), to unique glow games like ring toss (create a large hoop out of 22” glow necklaces, and try to throw glow sticks or 8” bracelets in rings through the hoop).

Camping Safety

Camping often requires going out from the safety of the camp at night, such as going to use the campsite restrooms. Help increase visibility and safety by assuring your family is wearing a glow product when they do so. The extra visibility provided by glow products makes finding them much easier should they end up getting lost. As an added benefit place some glow products around your campsite, and make it that much easier for people to find it on their way back.

When camping you sometimes need just a little bit of light, but don’t want to hassle with a lantern or flashlight, such as while in your tent. Activate a glow stick and it will provide just enough light for your needs throughout the night, without being so bright as to bother your sleeping. These are especially good for kids who are sometimes very nervous about camping, and the light sticks can act like a night light for them.