Boy Scout Events

Fun & Safety
For evening Boy Scout events and camps glow products are an excellent addition not only for fun, but safety as well. While the kids are having fun with glow products it’s a great time to sneak in some education. This can either be in the form of survival skills (the importance of having a signaling device when hiking), or the importance of keeping a light source with you. To help reinforce the idea of safety simply make sure every child has a glow necklace or bracelet on before being outside in the evening hours, such as going out to use the restroom. They also represent an essentially emergency kit item.

There are many fun and educational games that can be played with glow products at Boy Scout camps or outings. From twists on classic games such as horseshoes (setup a glow stick as the stake, and throw 22” glow necklaces instead of the horseshoes) or scavenger hunts (hide glow sticks around the camping area, then wait until night to search for them), to unique glow games like ring toss (create a large hoop out of 22” glow necklaces, and try to throw glow sticks or 8” bracelets in rings through the hoop). Other educational options include night time safety and signaling exercises, and lessons about what to do if you get lost and our out at night.

Not only are glow products a great item to have at Boy Scout camps or events, they can also be an essential fundraising tool to help make these events happen. Quickly growing in popularity, Boy Scout fundraising with glow products is a no brainer. Simply pick any evening event such as the 4th of July, and have the scouts go out with their parents and troop leaders selling glow products to the attendees. With a single nights commitment you’re often able to raise what might take weeks with other fundraising methods (our glow sticks can be purchased for as little as $0.10 each, and sold at these events for $1-$3).