Valentines Day

Glow Flowers
Show that you’ve put thought into your gift this Valentines day by giving them something unique, glow flowers. Take our 22” glow necklaces and use them as sticks without the connectors, placing them in a vase. They will sit upright and spread out looking almost like flowers, but with their own beautiful glow. You can select these in their favorite color, or simply get a variety.

Giving Flowers Glow

Another romantic alternative is to stick with the standard flowers, but improve them by adding some glow sticks, or 22” glow necklaces in amongst the flowers to illuminate them in any color you’d like. Since glow products do not produce any heat you don’t have to worry about them wilting any of the flowers.

Romanic Dinner
Help add that bit of romance to a Valentine’s Day dinner by adding glow products to the experience. From using them as a fun and colorful alternative to candles, or by serving beverages in our Glow Cups or using glow stir sticks, these little things can make for a truly memorable Valentines Day.