School Field Trips

Group Identification
If you have a lot of kids going on a field trip, especially one that lasts into the evening, keep tracking of all the kids can be a chore. Our colored 8” glow bracelets however can make this a bit easier, helping the kids stay in their right colored group as well as the chaperones easily identifying who belongs.

Evening Safety
If the bus won’t be reaching home until after dark glow products can be an essential safety device. Assuring every student is wearing a glow necklace or glow bracelets makes it that much easier to spot and keep track of them. Additionally the increased visibility can become extremely important later that evening when they are getting picked up, with the extra visibility reducing the chances of any encounters with the cars.

Lastly glow products can just be a fun way to entertain the kids on the long bus ride home. Simply let the kids in the bus use glow sticks and the bright color and effects will keep them occupied and out of trouble for the trip home.