Special Effects
Small plays of course can’t afford high end props and special effects, but glow products can add a good deal of this to a production without the expense. From obvious things such as fairy wands, to making any part of the set have a magic glow, to even costumes. There are many unique ways that glow products can make the set come alive in ways that don’t require expensive materials or lighting.

It’s no surprise to anyone who is ever put on a play that costumes can really make or break a performance. And there are many different types of plays were glow sticks would add a level of detail and visual entertainment that just couldn’t be matched by any other prop. Just a few examples might include a light saber for a Star Wars based play, a halo for an angel, or even making an alien character truly appear so with an eerie green glow. Depending on the type of play there could be a great many more uses with the costumes as well, again one’s imagination is the limit.

It’s here that glow products are probably the most useful. You can make your small school play seem like a real theatre hall by lining the walkways with glow necklaces laid out straight, making the walkway visible even when the lights go down. Similarly you could use them to highlight the stage or mark the exits.

Fundraising is often a very important aspect of theatre and putting on a play, and glow products are a perfect item that can be sold at events. Both kids and adults love glow products, so before and after the show you can setup a booth to sell them and help raise the funds to cover this and future productions. The extremely high profit margin makes glow fundraisers one of the best available.