Mardi Gras

Festive Give Away

Along with the beads and other give away items at Mardi Gras glow products can be a great addition in the evening. Few things help create a fun party atmosphere as well as glow products, which are always a crowd pleaser.

Party Decorations & Refreshments

During your own Mardi Gras party glow products are the perfect addition to give your event that Mardi Gras feel. Not only can you decorate the whole area with it, from chairs to tables and balconies, you can even serve up your favorite beverages in our Glow Cups.

Glow Apparel
They most obvious use of glow products at Mardi Gras is of course just wearing them, but what might surprise you is all the unique ways and different glow products you can use. From just your standard 8” glow bracelets and 22” glow necklaces, to more interesting items such as glow earrings, shoe laces, triple bracelets, and many other fun items. Just let your creativity go and you can create some really custom looks, including incorporating them into your hair style, on your clothing, or any other accessories.