Kid’s Good Behavior Rewards

Positive Reinforcement
Universally loved by kids of all ages, glow products are a great item to offer to kids as a good behavior reward. Many parents also give glow sticks to children with anxieties about sleeping alone at night, to serve as a night light and provide some comfort.

Cost Effective, Healthy, and Educational
Unlike many other rewards glow products are cost effective, health, and even educational. With toys often being too costly, and glow products available for as little as $0.10 each, you can afford to reward your child without worry. Additionally unlike some cheap options such as candy, which can be very unhealthy and reinforce bad eating habits, glow products are great imaginative fun. Lastly glow products can even help spark a sense of curiosity in your child about science and physics. What’s behind the “magic” that allows glow products to glow?