Candy Alternative
If you’re looking for a healthy alternative this Halloween to hand out to trick or treaters glow products are the perfect solution. Unlike many other options that kids aren’t quite that happy to receive (apples, tooth brushes, etc), glow products are something universally loved by kids, but will also help increase their safety when they’re out trick or treating at night.

Glow Costume
If you’re looking for a really unique costume this Halloween that’s both safe and fun, our glow costumes are the answer. Our exclusive design lets you customize the glow theme on the costume any way you like, or use one of our pre-made options. Not only will the costume look great on Halloween, but it will also help keep your kids more visible while trick or treating.

Trick or Treating Safety
With the unfortunate amount of collisions between motorists and trick or treaters on Halloween, glow products are now a common item being handed out by police, firefighters, and concerned parents. The simple addition of a 22” glow necklace, or even an  8” glow bracelet or 6” glow stick greatly increases the kids night time visibility to drivers.

This is an area that people often don’t realize the potential of when using glow products. Tired of the boring candle light emitted from your carved pumpkin? Add some creepy green glow sticks inside to make it all the more spooky. Similarly skeletons are a Halloween staple, but can sometimes be a bit bland. Adding small glow sticks inside their eye sockets, skull, or amongst their bones can really make them appear creepy. Just about any Halloween decoration from ghosts and goblins to tomb stones can all be improved by the addition of glow sticks or other glow products. But the fun doesn’t have to stop with the traditional Halloween decorations, for example you can go with something more unique like space themed decorations, complete with glowing green aliens. Glow products make this sort of futuristic decorations truly believable! No matter the decoration theme you’re going with this year glow is sure to add a bit of magic.

Want to make the bobbing for apples a bit more creepy? Add some glow sticks to the water that will give it an eerie glow. Similarly use 8” glow bracelets as creepy glow worms that can be part of any Halloween game. The substituting of glow products in any game can instantly give it that Halloween feel, and of course Halloween fun.