Family Reunions

Help make the location of your family reunion feel festive and fun with glow products. You can decorate anything from the back yard (landscaping, walkways, tables and chairs), to inside your house and even the refreshments with our Glow Cups.

Family Games
There are many fun party games that can be played with glow products to help bring everyone together in a fun way. From twists on classic games such as horseshoes (setup a glow stick as the stake, and throw 22” glow necklaces instead of the horseshoes) or scavenger hunts (hide glow sticks around the house or in the backyard, then wait until night to search for them), to unique glow games like ring toss (create a large hoop out of 22” glow necklaces, and try to throw glow sticks or 8” bracelets in rings through the hoop). These types of games are great for getting everyone to interact and relax.

Glow Distractions for Kids
Ok, we all love our kids, but sometimes when you want to talk to Uncle Joe and the kids are demanding your attention it can get a bit frustrating. Here glow products can come to the rescue, simply activate a few glow sticks or glow bracelets and give them to your kids. They will be so enthralled by the glowing magic that they will keep themselves entertained for hours.