Candle Alternative
Our 6” glow sticks can be the perfect candle alternative, especially for applications where the heat and fire danger of a candle would be prohibitive. Some examples include placing glow sticks near or in flowers (candle heat would wilt the flowers), or close to flammable objects or around kids. If you choose our yellow color you still get a very similar light effect, but without the danger and hazards of candles.
Flower Alternative
While flowers are a great decoration, glow necklaces can fill the same role with a unique twist. Take some of our 22” glow necklaces without the connectors and place them in a vase just as you would flowers. You will then have a beautiful glow “bouquet.”

Landscape Decorations
For evening backyard events or activities glow products can give that instant decorative glow. Simply place any of our assorted products around the yard, be it amongst the landscaping, lining the side walks, and even on the tables and chairs. This little addition instantly gives that fun and festive look.