Cosmic Bowling

Money Making
If you’re the cosmic bowling organizer and need to help offset the costs, glow products can be a great way to do that. With many products available for under $0.10 each, and able to be sold for $1-$3 each, the profits can quickly add up and help to make the event successful.

Fun Accessory for Participants

With the bowling alley already looking great in the cosmic bowling theme, the only thing needed is to help all the bowlers match that. It’s here were our 8” glow bracelets and 22” glow necklaces are perfect. Not only do they give that great cosmic bowling glow, but they are also able to be worn hands free so they won’t interfere with the bowling.


If you’re trying to advertise a cosmic bowling event, what better way to give them a taste of the fun than hand out free 8” glow bracelets to regular bowlers, or at other venues. When they realize how much fun they can have with something as simple as the glow product they will be much more likely to want to try out the cosmic bowling events themselves.