Church Events

Candle Alternative

With many services involving people holding candles, glow sticks are becoming a popular alternative as they do not share the fire and burn dangers, and are usable by kids and adults alike. Simply choosing the glow products in a candle like color such as yellow creates a very similar affect, but much more easy to organize and far safer for everyone.

Special Services

For special services, either for kids or adults, glow products can be a great way to help get your message across. Simply take a glow stick and attach a note with a particular passage to the glow stick and hand it out. The glow sticks also serve to help quite literally illuminate the fellowship and create a wonderful atmosphere.

Glow sticks are also a great way to get your message out to the community. During any evening event, such as forth of July or even Halloween, you can hand out glow sticks with any particular message you’d like attached to them. Not only will you be getting your message out there, but you will also be helping keep kids and adults safer at these night time events (glow products are great for night time visibility).