Holiday Decorations
While regular Christmas tree lights might be more popular, glow products can be a fun addition to your Christmas Eve and Christmas day decorations. As a fun activity activate some of our 8” glow bracelets in festive colors such as green, red, and blue, and have the kids hang them on the tree. Similarly they look great on the mantle, or to leave out for Santa Claus (keep some glow sticks by his cookies unactivated, and see if he activates them before he leaves).

Stocking Stuffers
Many of our tubes of glow products are the perfect size to fit into stockings, and make a great stocking stuffer. If you’ve ever seen children playing with glow sticks then you already know what a great gift this would make, as they are loved by kids of all ages.

Christmas Dinner

Add some more festive fun to your Christmas dinner by decorating the table with our glow products. Additionally you can use our glow cups to serve everyone’s favorite beverages in. With so many glow products being used your dinner will be lit up as beautifully as the Christmas tree.

Church Events and Caroling

One thing about many Christmas Eve celebrations, whether it’s a church event or just being out caroling, is that they often take place at night. This of course makes glow products a wonderful addition as they truly help to create a magical atmosphere when everyone is walking around literally glowing. Not only that they also make an essential safety item, since anytime people are out at night there is always the risk of not being seen by drivers while walking in a dark parking lot or crossing the street.