Choir & Band Recitals

Decorations and Crowd Involvement
At band or choir recitals you of course already have the music taken care of, but sometimes there can be a need for a bit of visual appeal and decorations as well. This can be easily achieved with glow products by either decorating the stage and the performers, or better yet handing out glow products to the audience. Much like at concerts where people sometimes hold up lighters, glow products can be used as a safe (no fire hazard) alternative that looks really spectacular.

If you need to raise funds for your band or choir glow products can be the perfect option, as typically recitals are held in the evening hours when people would be more interested in purchasing them. Simply setup a booth and sell the glow products to attendees before and after the show. Glow Products are a quickly growing segment of fundraising merchandise, and have a great profit margin sure to help you meet your fundraising needs.