Burning Man

Light Show
Always a popular item at Burning Man, glow products are excellent for creating a stunning visual display. Either by simply wearing our wide assortment of different glow products, or create visual art displays by attaching them to other objects, there are many unique and creative ways to use them for a dazzling show.

Glowing Transportation

Whatever you’re using to get around during Burning Man, be it a bicycle or a car, you can accessorize your transportation with glow products as well. Simply attach our glow products to them much like you would yourself, for example on a bicycle you can wrap glow around the handle bars, through the spokes on the wheels, etc.

Glow Refreshments
No party is complete without your favorite beverage, and our glow products can turn this simple item into a glowing art as well. Take any beverage and drink it out of low cost Glow Cups, and you’re sure to attract attention. Similarly use our 8” glow bracelets without the connectors as drink stir sticks.