Product Design

Just good enough isn’t enough for us here at GlowGranny, and our exculsive manufacturer US Glow Laboratories. Where many manufacturers simply knock off others designs and try to create the cheapest product around (mainly in regards to quality), our design philosophy is to continually innovate and improve our products, assuring that you receive nothing short of the best glow available on the market. From our line of unique patent pending glow products, to leading manufacturing and quality control measures, everything we do here is focused on the singular goal of providing you the best glow anywhere.

We have been in the glow business long enough to realize that cutting corners doesn’t pay, from lesser grade chemicals and recycled plastics, to poor packaging and quality control, the supposed savings others try to offer just doesn’t add up. Experience the truly premium quality of our products and we are sure you will agree, premium quality, innovative designs, and a commitment to low prices and great customer support makes us the best glow retailer out there.