Decorations and Centerpieces

For a truly unique and elegant decoration theme consider glow products. Not only can you create some stunning centerpieces out of glow products, such as our 8” bracelet and 22” necklaces which can be bent into many shapes, you can even use them to safely illuminate flower centerpieces, without the heat generation of candles that can be a fire hazard or wilt flowers. As an added benefit you can even pick your wedding theme colors, something of course not possible with candle light. You can even using 22” necklaces without the connectors and treat them just as if they were glowing flowers, and place them in a vase by themselves (or among other flowers).

Apparel and Tiaras
Have the wedding party, or even the bride and groom, accent their outfits with glow products. This little element adds quite a bit of fun and style to any ensemble. Again like with the decorations you can pick your theme colors that will best accent your wedding.

You can make the drinks something special and unique with our patent pending and extremely affordable glow cups. Again like any of the other glow products you can select your wedding theme colors, or just go for a fun color variety.

Wedding Favors and on the Dance Floor

A really fun wedding favor for both the kids and adults, our 6” glow sticks our 8” glow bracelets are a wonderful addition, sure to be remembered. As a benefit of giving these out as wedding favors they will assure that all your guests are glowing adding to the mood of the whole event. And of course on the dance floor nothing adds as much visual fun as people dancing while wearing glow products.