Star Parties

Cost Effective Light Sources

If you’re organizing or planning to attend an astronomical star party, you know how important it is not to use regular white light, such as flashlights, since it ruins your dark adapted vision, and ability to see the night sky. This is where our red glow products come in, as the red color doesn’t affect your dark adapted vision as much as other colors, so is used exclusively by astronomers. Instead of costly red filtered flashlights simply bring along some red glow sticks for your lighting needs.

Equipment Safety

With many telescopes and related equipment costing thousands of dollars in some cases, keeping it visible so people don’t bump into it and knock it over at night is essential. One very cost effective way to do this is to simply attach 8” glow bracelets or 6” glow sticks around the telescope tripod legs, or any other sensitive equipment. This not only preserves everyone’s dark adapted vision, but keeps it visible for people to use and avoid running into or tripping over.

Reading Star Maps
Without the hassle of finding and turning on a red filtered flash light, you can use glow products to give just enough illumination to your star charts to see what you’re after, without losing your dark adapted vision.