St. Patrick’s Day Parties

Decorate in Green
Give your St. Patrick’s Day party that instant needed festive green with our green glow products. Naturally one of the brightest glow colors available, any of our product designs in green will instantly make the party. Just attach them to anything around the house, from chairs, tables, walkways, patios, you name it.

Green Beverages without the Dye

Want to turn your favorite beverage into St. Patrick’s day green, without the hassle and mess of using a food coloring? The perfect solution is our line of green Glow Cups. These will not only light up your drink, but give you that green glow as well just holding it.

Wearing Green

Lastly make sure you’re in the festive green color as well. Choose from any of our wide assortment of products, from 8” glow bracelets to 22” glow necklaces, and even more unique items such as glow pendants, glow earrings, and many more items.