Sporting Event Parties

Bring the Glow and Save
With many sporting event parties now having vendors selling glow (typically at an extremely high mark up), you can still have all the fun with less expense by buying the glow products ahead of time and bring them with you.

Profit Making Potential

If you’re going to a smaller sporting event that allows personal vendors, you can take the glow products with you and sell any extra to easily make up for the original cost, and then some. Many of our glow products can be purchase as cheaply as $0.10 or less each, and sold for $1-$3.

Cheer in your Team’s Colors
As a great way to show support for you team, come decked out to an evening game with glow products in your favorite teams colors. You can even use our 22” glow necklaces without the connectors to wave in the air.

Added Safety

After the game when everyone is making a mad rush back to their cars in a dimly lit parking lot, glow products can also become a great safety item, especially if your kids are with you. Simply make sure everyone is wearing their glow until they reach the car, and everyone will be that much more visible and less likely to come into harm’s way.