General Parties

Traditionally just thought of as something you wear, glow products are actually a great decorating accessory for parties as well. With our glow products you can decorate walkways, landscaping, tables, chairs, punch bowls, and just about any other aspect of the party environment.

Not only can the people and location be decked out in glow, but your refreshments as well. Take our patent pending and cost effective Glow Cups to be sure everyone’s favorite beverage is glowing, or even float some glow sticks in the punch bowls to light it up.

The most popular use for glow products is simply wearing them. From just your standard 8” glow bracelets and 22” glow necklaces, to creating fancier items out of these such as glow crowns, or wrapping them around your arms, there are nearly limitless ways to customize your look with our wide assortment of glow products. Glow glasses, ear rings, shoe laces, rings, anklets, the options really are almost limitless.

There are many fun party games that can be played with glow products. From twists on classic games such as horseshoes (setup a glow stick as the stake, and throw 22” glow necklaces instead of the horseshoes) or scavenger hunts (hide glow sticks around the house or in the backyard, then wait until night to search for them), to unique glow games like ring toss (create a large hoop out of 22” glow necklaces, and try to throw glow sticks or 8” bracelets in rings through the hoop).