Glow Horseshoes
For a fun twist on the classic game, setup a glow stick in the ground to act as the stake. Then use either 8” glow bracelets or 22” glow necklaces made into hoops as the horseshoes. You can even have each player with their own specific color of glow product to use as their horseshoes.

Glow Hunts

Activate some glow sticks and go into the back yard and hide them amongst the bushes and trees, just like you might do for an Easter egg hunt. Once it’s dark out all the glow sticks will be glowing, a fun thing for kids and adults to go out and try to find. Not only that your backyard will look great with all the sticks lighting up the bushes and grass!

Glow Ring Toss
Connect a few of our 22” glow necklaces together to create one giant hoop, and then hang the hoop from a tree branch or pole. Then a bit like horizontal basketball, have fun trying to throw glow sticks or 8” bracelets made into rings through the large hoop.