Fireworks Shows

Safe Fireworks Alternative

While you’re having fun watching the professional fireworks show, add an extra safe light show of your own with glow products. Without the fire hazard and related dangers of fireworks, you can use glow products to create dazzling light shows that will be appreciated by young and old. Create amazing glow balls from our 8” glow bracelets, twirl around our 22” glow necklaces, or come up with your own glow light show design.


Make any fireworks event safer for you and your family by having them all wear our glow necklaces or glow bracelets. These allow your family to stay more visible during the evening hours of a fireworks show, especially once it’s over and car traffic begins to move. In chaotic situations like this is often easy to get separated, or worse not be seen by a driver.

Money Making and Fundraising
Making some profit at fireworks shows by selling glow products. Purchase them for as little as $0.10 each, and sell them from $1-$3 and quickly see the profits add up. And events such as these the product really sells themselves, simply twirl the product around to attract the attention of kids and adults who will be interested in getting some for themselves. Our Glow Vending apron makes it clear that you are selling, as well as helping you keep all your product organized and easy to access and sell.