Get People out on the Dance Floor
One of the best ways to help get the dance floor populated, and keep it that way through out the night, is the addition of glow products. Either to attract the initial crowd, or get more dancers during a lull, activate some of our 8” glow bracelets or 22” glow necklaces and toss them out onto the dance floor, and watch the people follow.

Add a Visual Light Show to the Dance Floor

A cheap and fun way to add some extra visual flare and compliment the music is to hand out glow products to the participants. Not only does this help to get them out on the dance floor, but once they are out there the visual affect for the dancers and the onlookers will be amazing. Glow products are extremely popular and dances and raves, for good reason.

Extra Revenue

Depending on the venue, glow products can also be a great source of extra revenue. Either by offering them as part of your services, or even selling them directly at the dance or party, this extra value added service can really be a money maker. Able to be purchased direct from us for often as little as $0.10 or less each, and able to be sold for $1-$3, the profit can quickly add up.