Bridal and Wedding Showers


Traditionally just thought of as something you wear, glow products are actually a great decorating accessory for Bridal or Wedding Showers as well. With our glow products you can decorate walkways, landscaping, tables, chairs, punch bowls, and just about any other aspect of the party environment.


Not only can the people and location be decked out in glow, but your refreshments as well. Take our patent pending and cost effective Glow Cups to be sure everyone’s favorite beverage is glowing, or even float some glow sticks in the punch bowls to light it up, or use 8” glow sections as drink stir sticks.

Glow Products can be a great item for Bridal and Wedding Shower games. You can take glow products     and use them in many of the classic games played at these events. Some fun options include glow scavenger hunts (hide glow products throughout the house and dim the lights, then go searching) and ring toss games (take a couple 22” glow necklaces and connect them together creating a hoop, then toss glow sticks or 8” glow brings through the hoop). As another fun game related option give out a 22” glow necklace to whoever wins a game, then at the end of the evening whoever has the most necklaces get a special prize.