High School Fundraising

Go glow! Hi Granny, here is some info on how we sold your glow products at our High School to help fund our school band trip to play at Disney Land. We had a blast by the way, thanks for helping make it possible! The thing was a great learning experience, or so our econ teacher tried to convince us. The whole supply and demand thing. Anyway, here is how we did it.

Starting out we knew were we going to need to raise quite a bit of money for our trip, and we didn’t think holding a single fundraising event would do it. The first thing we did was to buy large quantities of your glow product in order to get the best prices, and therefore the best profits (yes, we made our teacher proud). Anyway, we then had a brainstorming session with the entire band to come up with places where we could sell at. The time this was going on wasn’t near any major holidays like Halloween or the forth of july, so all that was out. But it was football season!

So we focused most of our efforts there, since every Friday night meant a crowd we could sell these things to. Well, our band is there every game night anyway to play the music so it ended up being very convenient. We just setup a table near where we played with someone at it to sell the glow necklaces, bracelets, and sticks. Our first go at it we sold quite a bit, but not as much as we’d hoped we would. The problem seemed to be that people just didn’t see us. We are somewhat out of sight to most of the spectators. So next game night we enlisted the help of the cheerleaders, who during their routine threw out some freebie glow bracelets to the crowd. This advertising worked great! People saw other people wearing glow items in the crowd and wanted to find out where they could get some too. This then led them to go by the cheerleaders, where they could see the booth we setup to sell them. To help get the word out further we sent some people out selling them by hand, even to the opposing team side of the field. Later we also got the idea of selling them right at the entrance, that way everyone would see them and have a chance to buy. We also had our marching band members attach some glow sticks to their clothing and instruments. It looked especially cool attached to the drumsticks and twirling batons. We also had two of the band members hold up a banner reading “Show team pride with glow sticks!” Worked like a charm.  I have to say, it was great to see most of the crowd start waving around glow sticks in the air every time our team scored a touchdown!

The football games worked great at raising funds, but to make sure we would have enough for our trip we wanted some backup ideas as well. So we decided to try to sell them at our upcoming school dance. Just like with the football game we got a booth setup near the entrance to the dance, as well as having people selling them inside. Since we doubted anyone would want to be holding onto a glow stick we exclusively sold glow items that people could wear, like the necklaces and bracelets. Again we handed out a few freebies to get the trend started (helps if you give them out to the more popular people…). They didn’t sell quite as well as at the football games, but every bit helped. Though I must say they did make the dance floor look incredible with so many people wearing them while dancing!

Our last idea we had was to sell them during our band’s concert. But we wanted to make things a little more interesting for the audience, so we included with every glow stick sold a special note, asking them to please hold up the given color glow stick when the conductor did. It was incredible, and I think really fun for the audience as well. During certain parts of our music we’d have the lights dimmed, and everyone with blue glow sticks hold theme up. Then for another part pink, and then green, etc. It really looked incredible and I think helped make the audience feel more involved. And of course everyone would get a good laugh when someone mistakenly held up the wrong color, or when the conductor tried to confuse people by quickly switching colors. Everyone attending our concerts wanted to support us, so we really sold a lot there.

All in all the whole fundraiser worked beyond our hopes. We even had a few glow products left over with to have some fun with during our trip and in the bus! In fact it worked so well that now other school groups and clubs are following our lead, starting to do their own glow item based fundraisers. Anyway, once again thank you Granny for making all this possible, and I hope all our experiences I’ve just written down will help others out their with their fundraisers!