For School fundraisers glow products can be a valuable tool, representing one of the best values in fundraising merchandise available. From general fundraisings, to sports or band specific needs, schools present the perfect fundraising venue for glow products. Not only can you sell them at all evening school events (parent teacher night, sporting events, band events, dances), but you can even purchase them in your school colors for that extra bit of school spirit at your events. Choose from any of our popular wearable glow products, and don’t forget to consider our Glow Vending Aprons which makes going out to the crowd and selling a breeze. The fun of glow products makes it easy to get the kids involved and excited to help.

  • School Colors
  • 22” Necklaces
  • 8” Bracelets
  • 6” Sticks
  • Vending Apron