Animal Rescue

For Animal Rescue and shelter fundraisers glow products can be a valuable tool, representing one of the best values in fundraising merchandise available. Take our top fundraising item, the 22” Glow Necklace, and put them on your favorite canine, or our 8” Bracelets for the cats in the crowd. Not only will the glow products help illuminate the animal’s and their circumstances, but as an added fundraising benefit you can sell individual or whole tubes of 22” necklaces or 6” sticks to participants as a low light dog walking safety accessory (attach the necklace as a second collar), as well as our 6” sticks and glow pendants (attach them to an existing collar). The added glow product visibility keeps both you and your pet safer on those early morning and late evening walks.

  • 22” Necklaces
  • 8” Bracelets
  • 6” Sticks
  • Glow Pendants
  • Glow Bunny Ears