For School fundraisers glow products can be a valuable tool, representing one of the best values in fundraising merchandise available. Purchase for as little as $0.06 each, and sell for $1-$3 and quickly see why glow products are a fast growing area of fundraising with their great profit margins. You can even choose to purchase glow products in your school colors.

Helping get the kids involved
With a product as fun as glow products kids are much more likely to be enthusiastic and help out with the fundraising, so you can have that many more people out there helping to raise the needed funds.

Small Time Commitment

Unlike many traditional fundraisers that can last for weeks, a fundraiser based on glow products can earn in one evening event what it could take weeks for another.  Just pick any popular evening event such as a school sporting event or dance.

Healthy and Educational Fundraising Alternative
Unlike many of the unhealthy fundraising items available, such as cookies or candy bars, glow products represent not only a healthy alternative, but an educational one as well. Glow products help promote kids imagination and wonder, but also can spark their interest in science and chemistry. Since glow products operate off a chemical reaction they can be a great catalyst to get kids more interested in the sciences, and the fun things they make possible.