General Fundraising


A proven and highly effective fundraising tool, glow products are one of the best values in fundraising merchandise available. Cost effective and easy to sell at any evening event, they can be purchased for as little as $0.06 each, but be sold for $1-$3 each, resulting in great profit potential.

Easy Sales

Glow products magic glow will sell themselves at events, with most buyer or their kids seeing you and coming up to make the purchase. Combine any of our glow items with our convenient Glow Vending Apron and you have all the ingredients needed for an easy and effective fundraiser.

Small Time Commitment
Unlike many traditional fundraisers that can last for weeks, a fundraiser based on glow products can earn in one evening event what it could take weeks for another.  Just pick any popular evening event such as the Forth of July, New Years, or even Halloween to hold your fundraiser during.