A proven and highly effective fundraising tool, glow products are one of the best values in fundraising merchandise available. Take our glow products to any evening band or school event, from recitals to sporting events, and have band members sell them to help raise needed funds. Cost effective and easy to sell at any evening event, they can be purchased for as little as $0.06 each, but be sold for $1-$3 each, resulting in great profit potential.

Fun way to Show School Spirit
Not only do you get your band’s fundraising needs met, but you can also help show school spirit by opting to sell glow products in your school colors. Glow products can easily become a sustained year round fundraising tool as people come to expect to purchase them at events to help show the support for the school.

Light up the Performance
To help get the fundraiser started have all the band members decorate themselves and their instruments with our 22” glow necklaces and 8” glow bracelets. With the included connectors these can be wrapped around almost any instrument or be added as an addition to the uniform. Once the crowd sees you in the glow products they are sure to want to get some of their own.