Emergency Use

Safe Light Source

After natural disasters there can be the serious threat of gas leaks, so using an electrical light source such as a flashlight or a candle can present a real hazard. Part of glow sticks original purpose was for emergency lighting in potentially hazardous situations where non flame or sparking light sources were needed due to the possible presence of flammable gas.

Emergency Signaling

If you find yourself in need of rescue glow sticks make for an excellent signaling item at night. Waving a glow stick in the air or placing them around you can make the spotting of you by rescue personnel much more likely. The bright colors are not one’s typically seen in urban or rural environments, so they can easily catch the eye.

Power Outage Lighting

Even unexpected events such as power outages which normally aren’t emergencies in and of themselves can be made hazardous by using lighting options such as candles. Every year many fires are started this way, which could have been easily avoided by using glow sticks for light instead. Since glow products have a multi-year shelf life and generate no heat, they are the perfect item to store for power outages.