Car & Roadside Safety

Emergency Lighting
Sometimes you need just a little bit of light to help change a tire, or find something in the trunk, but don’t want to relay on a bulky flashlight with batteries that might have gone bad. Glow sticks are a great emergency light source, simply store some in your trunk with your emergency kit and crack them should you need any lighting.

Danger Signaling Device
Let cars passing by know that there is a road hazard up ahead by signaling with glow sticks. You can also use them to help signal police or tow trucks that are coming to assist you.

Roadside Flare Alternative

As an excellent roadside hazard warning glow sticks can be a good alternative to flares, especially since they don’t share the potential fire hazard. Additionally glow sticks have a long, 8-12 hour duration so for extended road hazard problems there is no need to light additional flares.