Family Visibility
In the evening hours it can sometimes be a bit worrying to keep track of all your kids, but glow products make this simple. Since every kid loves glow products they will gladly wear and play with glow items such as our 6” Safety Sticks, or 22” glow necklaces or 8” glow bracelets. When wearing these items your kids will be clearly visible should the stray a little ways away from the campfire or tents. If they should they wander too far away and finding themselves lost, the glow sticks can be an essential visibility tool as well to help you or rescuers locate them.

Tent Lighting
Whether you need some light to find something at night in the tent, or go out to use the restrooms, glow sticks a great and unobtrusive way to do this. Our 6” glow sticks will provide just enough light to be able to open and unzip your tent, without the brightness of a flashlight that might wake up your spouse or kids.

Campsite Visibility
For those times when you need to leave the campsite at night it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find your camp site again, especially in an unfamiliar environment. Easily recognize your camp from a distance by setting up some glow products around it, or on the tents. And since glow products last 8-12 hours, they will be glowing all night long.