Wholesale Glow Necklaces

Glow sticks and glow bracelets are not the only things that you can buy wholesale. You can also buy wholesale glow necklaces. One glow necklace that you can buy is called the 22-inch glow necklace. This wholesale glow necklace comes in the solid colors green, yellow, blue, orange, pink and red. It also comes in the tri-color red, white and blue. The diameter of this wholesale necklace is 6 mm. You can buy these wholesale glow bracelets for 150 pieces per $.65, 300 pieces per $.45, 500 pieces for $.29 per piece and 600 pieces for $.19 per piece.


Another wholesale glow necklace comes only in tri-colors. The tri-colors are blue/green/ red or red/white/blue. It is a solid, one piece that measures 22 inches in length and 6 mm in diameter. It can be quantities of 5 to 9 pieces with each piece costing $17.00. It can also be bought in quantity 10 to 100 pieces at $16.50 with each piece costing $16.50 per piece.


You can another wholesale necklace that can come in a tube that can hold 50 pieces. The lowest price for these wholesale necklaces is $22. To pay 22 dollars, you have to buy more than 24. If you only buy 3 pieces, it will cost you $25 per piece. If you buy 11 pieces, you will pay $24 per piece. If you buy 23 pieces, you will pay $23 per piece.