Glow Sticks

There are two kinds of glow sticks that you can buy: industrial and novelty glow sticks. Industrial glow sticks can last up 12 hours. One industrial glow stick can cost a $1.10. Industrial glow sticks are used to keep people that work in the dark in a factory or any other industrial place of work safe.


The other kind of glow stick is a novelty glow stick. Novelty glow sticks do not last as long as industry glow sticks. They are cheaper as well. One novelty glow stick can cost $0.75 and under. Novelty glow sticks are used at parties and other celebrations.


No matter what kind of glow stick that you buy, you should not make certain assumptions. You should not assume that the color white is the brightest color. When it comes to 4-inch glow sticks, white is actually is the dimmest. The list from brightest to dimmest is Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Aqua, Pink, Blue, Purple and White. The same applied to 6-inch glow sticks.


The other assumption that you should not make is that glow sticks are the same color activated and not activated. This is not true. Glow sticks are not same color when they are activated. You thought you were buying blue sticks when you bought them and when you activate them, they end up being white. You should be aware when they order them that they are indeed the color that you want them to be when they glow.