The glostick comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. One glostick that you can buy is the 1.5-inch glo stick. The big advantage of this glostick is that there are many uses for it. You can put them in your hair. You can use them an innovative and effective fishing lure. One very unique way that you can use them is by filling a champagne bucket with hundreds of these little glosticks.


Another glostick that you can buy is the 6-inch glow stick. They can glow from 12 hours to up to 36 hours. Each glostick is 6 inches in length and 15 mm thick. They are completely safe. Each glostick comes with a tie string.


You can buy another glostick in the same size. The difference with this glostick is that it has a leopard print made by a highly respected manufacturer. They glow from 24 hours to up 36 hours. This glostick can be uase a pendant necklace as well as a glow sticks. This glostick can last up to 12 hours. This glostick is quite safe and non-toxic.


There is another glostick that comes in the 12-inch size. This glostick is especially made for people who enjoy going to dance clubs and discos. They glow for up to 24 hours. Their extra length is supposed to allow dancers to create some amazing, awe-inspiring effects. They are sold to dancers based on their wow factor.