Glo Necklaces

Glo necklaces do come in different shapes and colors. One glo necklace that you buy is the 22 inch tornado glow necklace. These particular glo necklaces are supposed to be popular at dances, fairs and other events. The dimensions of this glo necklace are 0.225 inches by 21.75 inches. It can glow up to 6 hours. The connectors for this glo necklace are pre-attached. It can be sold in tubes of 50 pieces per color. The colors are blue stripe, orange, red, pink, yellow, red stripe and white. The shelf life of this glo necklace is a year.


Another glo necklace is 22-inch glow necklace. It is supposed to be a glo necklace that is perfect for a party. The length of these glo necklaces are 22 inches and it is 6 mm thick. This glo necklace is about 6 hours. It is sold in tubes of 50 pieces per color. The colors that this glo necklace comes in are blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, red, orange and white.


For an Hawaiian party, you can buy a glo necklace called the blinking lighted Hawaiian lei. These glo necklaces are appropriate for office parties, Mardi Gras and New Year parties. The dimensions of this glo necklace are about 36 inches in length and about 16.5 inches in diameter. It requires batteries and they are 3 AG3 batteries. They are sold in boxes of 10 pieces. They have 3 blue lights and 3 red lights. The shelf life of the batteries is about 3 years.