Cheap Glow Sticks

You may find it necessary to buy cheap glow sticks. Is it really worth it to go with cheap glow sticks? You might encounter some problems if you decide to go with cheap glow sticks.


One problem that you might face with cheap glow sticks is that they could fade 20 minutes after activation. Your customers are not going to be so happy when their cheap glow sticks fade 20 minutes. They may even ask for a refund. You may end losing money instead of saving money as you hoped to do when you bought the cheap glow sticks. Regular glow sticks should last 4 hours and more.


When you buy cheap glow sticks, you may find some that it will not activate at all. They are “duds” and there will always be a couple of them in tube or case of cheap glow sticks.


Glow sticks do have a shelf life. There is a time that you will not be able to activate the glow stickes because the chemicals in the glow sticks have decayed so much that they can not cause the chemical reaction that allows the glowing. The cheap glow sticks might be cheap since the dishonest glow suppliers know that they will expire soon and wanted to get rid of them. They may only have a month or two of shelf life left. Regular glow sticks should 1 to 4 hours.


Another problem that you may have cheap glow sticks is when they are multi-colored The colors might bleed together and fade in 30 minutes with an orange color that the customers did not want. The customers might want refunds.