Bulk Glow Stick

Sometimes, you just don't want to buy glowsticks one at a time. You want to buy in bulk. You want to buy bulk glow sticks. One bulk glow stick that you can buy is a 6" light sticks. You can buy this bulk glow stick 200 at a time. They come in one solid color or in a mixture of colors. This bulk glow will glow to a minimum of 8 hours. They are fully certified in the United Kingdom and they considered being safe to use.


Another bulk glow stick is 6 inches and it is called the 6-inch glowstick. You can use this bulk glow stick at night clubs, concerts, parties, promotions, camping trips, and caving expeditions. They can also used for car safety. They have many uses. Each piece of this bulk glow stick is individually wrapped with a piece of lanyard so you can hang it around your neck.


You can buy a bulk glow stick called the 4-inch glow stick. There 25 of tees bulk glow sticks in each package. All the pieces in each package will have the same color. Each bulk glow stick comes with a detachable cap with a hole so you can put the string that comes with each package. You can use the strings to hold your keys or put it around your favorite pet dog to see them at night. This bulk glow stick is good for picnics, fairs and raves. You can use them for other night-time activities. They have a shelf life of 2 hours and they can glow up to 12 hours.