Bright Glowsticks

There is what considered to be called bright glowsticks. These are some of them. There are bright glosticks called 6-inch glow sticks. They are very bright and last longer than cheaper ones. They come in many colors and they have a hole so you can attach things. You can slow down the chemical reaction in these bright glowsticks by putting them in the freezer. You can then reactivate them by putting them under hot. It is deeply advised that you should not put them in a microwave.

There are bright glowsticks called 6-inch high intensity glow sticks. They are very bright and only last 30 minutes. How long they glow is dependent on the temperature. These bright glowsticks come in red, yellow and white. 6-inch ultra orange glow sticks are also considered to be bright glowsticks. When you reactivate them, they go off like a flash-bang when they are activated. They will only last five minutes. Temperature affects how long these bright glowsticks will glow.

There are bright glowsticks called 4-inch glow sticks. These are stiffer than other glow sticks and you will have to use more force to activate them their dimensions are 10 mm by 110 mm. They last about 6 to 8 hours. They are sold in boxes of 50 pieces per color. They come in the colors blue, green, pink, red, white and yellow.